Our Classroom


"The primary goal of Montessori education is to prepare the whole child to reach his full potential in all areas of life." - M. Montessori

Maria Montessori believed that education should be a preparation for the "whole life". Like Montessori's first Casa, ours is structured as a mini community with a multi-aged grouping that models the real world. As the children learn to cooperate in the Casa, sometime helping a younger child, sometimes being helped by an older one, sometimes working alone in a shared space, they develop respect for each other and begin to understand what is needed for a community to thrive.

At Green Mountain Montessori, children learn and grow in a secure, prepared environment where they know specially designed materials are always available and help toward the next step is always forthcoming. The teacher serves as a guide for the child, drawing out their unique and individual potential and respecting their unspoken desire to "help me do it myself".

The materials take children beyond traditional learning methods to a vibrant world of senses including touch, smell, sight and sound that their minds are naturally attuned to. The curriculum is a rich mixture of practical life exercises, sensorial exploration, language, math, geography, botany, history, music, art and creative play, all geared to the development of the whole child.

Our unique child-centered school provides a noncompetitive setting in which the children freely seek out and engage in activities that build the independence, confidence and love of learning that are essential to their development and satisfaction in life.