Frequently Asked Questions & Resources


I see that you are act 166 approved, how do i apply for this?

Please visit this link to learn all about ACT 166. What it is, eligibility and registration. This year’s funding can take up to $3356  off yearly tuition. Please also note the VT Agency of Education Guidance confirms that ALL 5 year old’s are eligible for Act 166 funding if families choose not to enroll in Kindergarten.

What happens if I receive act 166 funds and move from one school district to another during the school year?

It is your responsibility to contact both the school district you are moving from and into about how remaining funds can be reallocated during the school year. After you do that, the office manager can then serve as the liaison between you and the ACT 166 coordinators.

Do you offer scholarships?

While limited, we do offer scholarship funds. Please use this link to learn more and apply.

Do you accept subsidy?

Yes. We are happy to accept subsidy payments from families who qualify. Please use this link to learn more.

Is your program year round?

No. We operate from the last week of August (right before Labor Day) up until the second week of June.

I’m interested in visiting your location, how can i set up a tour?

We would love to have you see our space. Use the contact form to inquire about our available days and times. If you can’t yet make it to our school or simply super curious, you can take advantage of a virtual tour of our space.

How soon should I apply for GMMS?

If you believe the the Montessori setting would be best for your child, it’s never too early to apply. Those who put in applications up to one year prior to the intended start date of their child, are placed at the top of an interest list. These are the first applications reviewed after we offer seats to our current families. Our enrollment process begins in March of the active school year and continues until all spaces are filled.

Still have a question? Or want to your our space? Please use our contact form to get in touch.