Shireen’s Attic

Using gift giving as a way to give back

Since the founding of our school, almost 20 years ago, every year we host a week long annual holiday fund-raising event called "Miss Shireen’s Attic".

The children of Green Mountain Montessori and their parents scoured their homes for gently used trinkets, jewelry and books, and create a little "boutique" at the school. During the week, each child shops for small items for their immediate and extended family members, and then wrap their very own gifts!  The idea was brought to life by our Head of School, Shireen McNabb as a way to help young children learn about giving to those in need at holiday time and that the holidays are not about just getting.

After the boutique we take every cent raised and donate all funds to COTS (Committee on Temporary Shelter) in Burlington. This long held tradition has woven community service into the lives of every child who walks through our Montessori doors. We are so proud to have raised thousands of the years to help this most distinguished non-profit and their mission.